Mark B. – tech


This my personal blog, where I post something, anything, everything in my mind.
It could be a sharing knowledge, a problem, information and headlines, anything…
It’s not much, but feel free to explore.

Everything I post probably written in English or Bahasa Indonesia,
depends on my mood…..nevertheless, I hope you got something good from this site.

A little bit about me :
A person who happens to be a programmer, live in Jakarta, Indonesia…has interest in photography, music, movies, novel, comics, manga, anime, and many more.

Nickname : Billy
Place of stay : Jakarta, Indonesia
Education :  got a degree in Computer Science & Statistics (Class of ’06)
Jobs/Activity : Software engineering / Technical Consultant, blogger (side job)
Language Proficiency : Bahasa Indonesia & English

that’s it for now… enjoy !!


picture of me

it‘s me…

…find me on : linkedin


3 thoughts on “About

  1. good site billy..


  2. Had a good laugh reading your ‘Signs that you shouldn’t be a programmer’.. How to Become a Good Programmer’ was great as well…
    Y U NO share this before?


    Still playing your ‘ninja’ game?

    • Mark Billy on said:

      Hi, LP, thanks for u’r comment…. really appreciate it. What’s up anyway ??

      Ps : – not as often as I used to, in fact I already uninstalled it.. :p

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