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Sucks at Technical Interview

Today while I’m browsing ORM article (or blogs, or any similar kind), I stumble upon this one article about interview (technical interview to be exact).  In this article, it tells about what interviewer should or shouldn’t do during interview. All arguments inside this article, hit me directly because not a while ago I attend so many interview appointment with several company but as interviewee not interviewer. Because I attend several interview appointment, I realize that there’s a pattern of question. Almost all interviewer asking very similar questions. That’s why I think it really fit into the situation and I think it’s good for interviewer (esp.technical interviewer) to read and consider arguments mention in this article. Most of the points mentioned is good when you want to dig/explore the potential of future employee or colleague.

Here few points that I take note (hopefully I’ll keep up in mind when I interview someone):

  • Don’t over-valuing present skills and under-valuing future growth
  • Important thing to find out is the answer of this question: can they do this job ? 
  • Find somebody that know their own limit, but enthusiastic want to improve in constantly manner. Just like mention on the article:

Strong candidates say “I don’t know” as soon as they hit their limit, and may start asking questions. The very strongest candidates say “but if I had to guess” and then attempt to extrapolate. Those are great because it shows intellectual honesty and a strong desire to figure things out.

and last but not least: find somebody you want to work with. You can read the full article here




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