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Building Thrust 101





One explanation of trust between people includes this definition:

Interpersonal trust is an expectation about a future behaviour of another person and an accompanying feeling of calmness, confidence, and security.

It’s beneficial for us to earn the trust of others, but it’s also important to be highly trusting of other people. People who trust more are less likely to be unhappy, cheat, steal or lie, more likely to make friends, respect the rights of others, and to give people a second chance.

For a team of colleagues, trust can increase productivity by altering how we react to motivation to achieve results. Trust also plays a surprising role in communication—we’re more likely to hold back our own feelings about an issue when we don’t trust the person we’re sharing information with. This can affect how the other person understands the issue and can further break down trust in that relationship.

Few points to consider:

  • Be honest
  • Don’t constraint people choices
  • Encourage diverse relationship

Building trust with others is so easy to take for granted. It’s only when you realize you’ve lost the trust in a relationship, or that you never had it to begin with, that you start to question how to build it up from scratch.

source: lifehacker – “How to Build Trust with Colleagues and Friends” , Crew Blog

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