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How can I get the IP Address of the connected client in SQL Server ?

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In SQL Server 2005 there are more sophisticated ways to get the IPAddress, one is querying the dynamic management view sys.dm_exec_connections.

FROM sys.dm_exec_connections

Though you can see that in some cases NO IP Address is displayed in there, for example if the TCP protocol is NOT used for connecting (in the case below the Shared Memory protocol is used instead).

Therefore you can use the new features of a the integrated CLR and User definied functions. In the following example I wanted to show you two simple ways to get the IPAddress using functionalities of the .NET Framework:

Getting a single address

public static SqlString GetSingleIpaddress(string Hostname)
IPAddress[] ipadresses = System.Net.Dns.GetHostAddresses(Hostname);
if (ipadresses.Length > 0)
return ipadresses[0].ToString();
else return null;

Deployed on the server, it can it be used with:

SELECT dbo.GetSingleIpaddress(HOST_NAME())

which evaluates to:

Getting all available IPaddresses for the client

 [Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SqlFunction(TableDefinition=”IPAdress NVARCHAR(17)”,
FillRowMethodName=”InitIpAdresses”)          ]
public static IEnumerable GetIpadresses(string Hostname)
return System.Net.Dns.GetHostAddresses(Hostname);
}public static void InitIpAdresses(object obj, out string _IPAddress)
IPAddress ipaddress = (IPAddress)obj;
_IPAddress = ipaddress.ToString();

Deployed on the server,it can it be used with:

SELECT * FROM dbo.GetIpadresses(HOST_NAME())

which evaluates to:

The performance ist significant better, the responsive ping needs about 20ms, the non-responsive ping needs about 1sec, so choosing this solution could be a great benefit for you, because you even used this for inline functions.

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